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My Consultation service is an added service that not a substitute for dealing directly with the customer.

Online Consultations add a quality service which aims to resolve any legal questions and / or tax. We write contracts, letters of complaints, reports, opinions, etc. without specifying the client's physical presence, thus saving time and agility.

The answer to your query is sent by email to the address you specify.

In response, in addition, we will advise the procedure and budget for our office to that effect.

We can distinguish 2 types of inquiries:

Regular consultations

Common Questions callrequiring only the usual interpretation of the rules, cases for which resolution is not necessary to access various sources of information, history, jurisprudence, or perform complex arithmetic calculations. More frequent consultations are those which do not require the collaboration of other institutions, specialists, or transfers.

Specific queries

Specific consultations are those which by their complexity require a report or opinion on a particular depth and comprehensive problem. Legal assistance, preparation of opinions, reports, procedures, work of special difficulty, direct customer service, processes in court and / or public administration, etc.

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To contact us you can also through the following means:

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  • Fax: 925.62.06.79

Privacy policy

In our office all personal information, address, bank details, etc, is treated according to the Organic Law on protection of personal data and processing the content of the legal proceedings are presided over by professional secrecy.