What is an administrative manager

The Administrative Manager is an expert in personnel management as well as small and medium enterprises. Is legally entitled to seek, promote and manage all types of proceedings before any organ of government (State, Communities and Municipalities) and complex they are. His qualifications and experience are a guarantee of effectiveness.

The administrative manager is a professional contrasted

To act as administrative manager must hold a Bachelor of Economics, Law, Political Science or Business and selectively passing an aptitude testConvened by the Ministry of Public Administration in various areas such as fiscal, administrative and labor.

Why do we need an administrative manager?

The formation of an Administrative Manager guarantees the right advice and effective management, which means saving time and money. Its highly qualified and mastery of the many and various matters relating to the administration to unify in a single professional performances on various topics.

What guarantees an administrative manager?


The assurance that you are hiring a true professional administrative management shall, at all times, their interests given the knowledge he has of the most appropriate and effective procedures.

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The streamlining of procedures through proper use of the procedures prevent unnecessary problems and costs.